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vanessa laszlo

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I am a business developer, conflict solver and executive coach. I help board members, managing directors as well as entrepreneurs to solve conflicts within the company and to initiate and empower necessary development processes. This also includes advising on how (leadership) communication must be changed and developed in order to be effective. Conflicts are solved sustainably, cooperation is improved, constructive energies are tapped into, employees no longer use their energies to act out their sensitivities, rather use their power efficiently to achieve common goals. Executives and teams grow together to form a powerful team based on solidarity.

vanessa laszlo

It doesn´t always have to be a tough problem – there is potential for improvement, even away from major catastrophes. We have worked intensively with Vanessa Laszlo several times and each workshop has helped us to improve something good even more.

Dr. Eckhard Geulen

Docufy GmbH

Vanessa Laszlo is not conflict-shy. She is stubborn and convincing through her „relentless humanity“. She also has in incredible presence and a lovable personality.

Jochen Schmidt

Leitung Unternehmensentwicklung & Kommunikation
Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

Vanessa Laszlo creates a constructive atmosphere that she charges energetically.For us, the collaboration was a milestone in the development from a group to a team. We would never have managed it alone.

Petra Binzer

vanessa laszlo



vanessa laszlo

You´re doomed when the world isn´t logical because that ´s the only way you can think.

- Dewey from "Malcom in the Middle"

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Are you looking for a sparring partner with fantastic powers of observation, profound professional background and pragmatic solution competence? Write me! Together, we will find out what needs to be done to make your company (that little but) stronger.hen.

vanessa laszlo

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