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Enthusiastic life-long learner, outdoorsy and bookworm, analytical and empathic, cognitively potent, resource- and solution-oriented, hypnosystemic focus with a large toolbox from which I draw what suits my counterpart, the mission, the framework of action.

very personal

What you don´t know about me yet

I have never attended a business start-up seminar, but started working early: at 19 in a prison, at 20 in adult education, at 21 in youth education institutions and at 23 in organisational consulting. I learned a lot, underpinned it theoretically/conceptually, tried it out and used my own existential feedback circles to grow and mature. Over the years, this has developed into my very own business. Nothing against small talk, but what I love most about my job is the opportunity to get involved in personally relevant topics.

vanessa laszlo

We appreciate your structured and professional approach, your great variety of methods, your solution - and result-oriented work and quite simply your likeable appearance and your lively and humorous manner.

Alexandra Lau

Senior Learning Specialist | Human Resources
Rockwell Collins Deutschland GmbH, a part of Collins Aerospace

Vanessa Laszlo does not shy away from getting to the bottom of things and at the same time is always appreciative of people – often in a humorous way. She knows very well how to pick up different personalities and hierarchies on emotional and content level and bring them to one table.

Steffen Friedrich

Leiter Personal

If the ingredients and the occasion is worth it, then you can choose a particularly good moderation. Vanessa Laszlo‘s is masterful. Thank you!

Martin Küppers

Berufsgenossenschaft für
Transport und Verkehrswirtschaft
  • Studium Diplom-Psychologie - Diplom
  • Studium Philosophie, Philologie, Sprach-und Medienwissenschaft - M.A.
  • Systemische Psychotherapeutin (SG)
  • Systemischer Coach (SG)
  • Systemische Supervision und Organisationsentwicklung (DGSv)
  • Supervisorin (DGSv)
  • Coach (DGSv)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist and Business Consultant (NGH)
  • Psychotherapeutin (HP)

professional with a capital P

what you should know about me

In short: well qualified -because I take my job very seriously for you.

vanessa laszlo

The problem is part of the task, not part of the solution

- Wittgenstein, Tractatus

Now it´s up to you

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