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complex problem?

There is a solution for this too

Wether one, many or all, wether you have to solve problems or need development impulses – you receive an individually tailored concept as well as a convincing meanigful, goal—oriented and sustainable implementation.

vanessa laszlo

For every complex problem, there is an answer that is short, simple and wrong.

- H. L. Mencken

Sounds familiar?

Too much space at the top

No courage

Do conflicts persist or expand because nobody is brave enought to act?

No leadership

Do you talk about leadership and look at overburdened superiors who are already „drowning“ in their management functions and have no time for employees?

No ideas

Are you looking for a stronger culture of innovation and excellence in your company or team?

das muss nicht ihr los sein!

what if...

...working groups became high-performance teams that inspire each other and worked together with fun and joy?

...managers fulfilled their dual professional role and lead their employees with the same professionalism and passion as management?

...harmony is no longer confused with good relationships and resilient business relationships exist because dissent is constructive?

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Do something

for the immune systeme of your company

My conviction: The immune system of a company is psychologically determined. A strong immune system protects the health of the entire organism. Wether your company is robust against conflicts, negative sensitivities and other burdens, can work healthily and efficiently and has the resources to be excellent, is determined by the psychology of all interactions of all persons involved.

vanessa laszlo

Vanessa Laszlo verschafft den notwendigen Erkenntnisgewinn, um Unternehmen auf ein anderes Level zu heben.


Es wird generell zu viel in die IT oder in neue Büroausstattung investiert. Investitionen in den zwischenmenschlichen Bereich in einem Unternehmen bringen mitunter viel mehr. Es braucht dazu aber auch Offenheit und den Mut, in die Tiefe zu blicken. Und dazu braucht es Vertrauen - Vanessa Laszlo hat dieses Vertrauen in Windeseile aufgebaut.

Dr. Eckhard Geulen

Vanessa ist eine fantastische Beobachterin und denkt in größeren Zusammenhängen. Sie ist nicht konfliktscheu und gleichzeitig feinfühlig, daher die optimale Konfliktmediatorin.

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