Become the most impactful person in the room.


Become the most impactful person in the room.


I financed myself and started working early: in prison at 19, in adult education at 20, in youth education institutions at 21 and in organizational consulting at 23. I learned a lot, supported it theoretically and conceptually, tried it out and used my own existential feedback loops to grow and mature.

I initially started under my own banner with individual therapeutic settings. It quickly became clear to me personally that I prefer a larger framework for my way of thinking and working and still want to act in a people-focused manner.

Since then, organizations have been my customers and top executives who appreciate my psychological support in order to shine in all human-related dimensions of their business.

If empathy and strategy are not opposites for you, but a social superpower, then this is not about me, but about what we can achieve together. Then you are right with me!

With me, you and your management team will have a coach with a high IQ & EQ, a profound professional background and a great deal of experience.

I am awake and present, passionate about what I do and persistent in a relaxed way. I act with the conviction that it makes more sense to look at solutions than at problems. I believe sincerity and commitment always pay off.

My mission is to support people to reach their full leadership potential, equipped with a world-class attitude and communicative excellence to become the most impactful person in the room!


A profound professional background is just as important to me personally as sincerity and courage.

Professionalism has nothing to do with detachment, pure objectivity or formal attire, but with professional respectability.

I am committed to ensuring that you also feel your return on time investment, by using our precious time in a targeted manner.

I stand against perfectionism and for a level of action at championship level, which has to do not only with knowledge, but with ability.


  • University – Degree in Psychology – Diploma
  • University- Degree  philosophy, philology, language and media studies – M.A.
  • Systemic therapist (SG)
  • Systemic Coach (SG)
  • Systemic supervision and organizational development (DGSv)
  • Supervisor (DGSv)
  • Coach (DGSv)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist and Business Consultant (NGH)
  • Therapist (HP)

Some people think that less is more. But I think: More is more!


Some people think that less is more. But I think: More is more!



what clients say

Vanessa, our collaboration gave me so much. I can hardly remember that in recent years I ever felt like I do now: I am completely at peace with myself. Everything is really good and the new year will be a brilliant year!

Philipp Seubert

Head of Innovation Lab., Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

A clear, straight-forward and quick thinker, decisive, cordial, solution-oriented and enormously motivating, Vanessa helped me to progress both in my personal development and in my career. Vanessa Laszlo gets my full recommendation as a personal high-performance coach for top executives!

Torsten Rauch

Plant & Site Manager, Continental Automotive Spain

Accompaniment by Vanessa is exclusive, intelligent and a super-fast sound amplification for: your own sound, your clarity in decision-making processes, your professional identity and integrity. Through lightning-fast analytics and language, through highly effective interventions and empathy, through personal strength of character and resonance.

As an organizational developer, I have a broad insight into the coaching landscape – Vanessa is of unique quality

Dr. Maria von Öttingen

Organizational developer, Hessian Broadcasting

Your communication is…

A short-term investment in your feelings and thoughts as well as in those of your counterpart and thus determines how you are perceived.

A medium-term investment in your leadership skills and therefore into what you can achieve.

A long-term investment in how you perceive yourself, in your identity and therefore in your fundamental realm of possibilities and your success in life.

Vanessa Laszlo


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